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We have long experience in producing corporate film & video for blue chip companies and organisations.  In the last few years we have specialised in aviation films.  Amongst our credits:

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‘Rust Remover for Pilots’ - a ‘Get-Fit, Stay-Fit’ workout for the GA pilot who doesn’t fly often enough to remain as sharp as he would like on every aspect of private flying - planning, pre-flight, safe refuelling, take-offs, circuits, landings, GPS and navigation and a whole lot more.  Tutored by well known Flight Examiner Irv Lee, all the flying scenes were shot in the cockpit, air to air and from the ground, giving a unique pilot’s view of every ‘rusty’ situation we are all familiar with.  Fifteen hundred DVDs sold so far direct from us and through pilot shops.

50 minutes of invaluable reminders of all those things we forget if we don’t fly very often.  View the trailer…     

‘Fit to Fly?’ is a landmark production for the General Aviation Safety Council (GASCo) on Human Factors and Limitations awareness for the GA pilot.  The three scenarios were shot from the pilots point of view, giving a unique insight into those ‘error-chains’ and how to spot them before they let you to an accident.  Each scenario is analysed in detail.  Widely acclaimed by the industry as a ‘must-see’ film, Fit to Fly? was distributed to every GA Pilot in the UK, every Flying School and every Flying Instructor - 16,000 copies in all.

50 minutes of invaluable guidance and awareness for GA pilots.

ThreeOld Buckenham Air Shows’ have fallen under our cameras eyes and a ‘Military Revival’ show at the same venue.

2008 Air Show:     The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Lancaster, Spitfire & Hurricane, T28 Trojan, P40 Kittyhawk, Spitfire 9, Boeing Stearman Display Team, Classic cars and much more.  A feast of air show activity with expert commentary from ex-Red Arrows Team Manager Eric Steenson.  85 minutes of air show fun.
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2013 Air Show:   Brendan O’Brian’s Flying circus world record attempt to land an aircraft onto a moving trailer on the shortest runway ever, Wildcats Display Team, Extra 200 aeros, Military Displays, Tank Rides, Classic cars and much more.  Over an hour of air show activity.  View the trailer…  

2014 Air Show: Brendan O-Brian’s Flying Circus, Spitfire IX MH434 and Mustang P51D,aerobatics, vintage displays, military display, classic cars and much more.  90 minutes of air show fun.Buy DVDs

2013 Inaugural Military Revival show. Reenactment displays of American, British, Canadian and German scenes from WWII, military vehicle displays, vehicle action in the arena with commentary, gun fights, SAS display.  31 minutes of classic military interest.  Buy DVDs

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’STATION 144’ - Old Buckenham Airfield. From 1943 until 1945 the 453rd Bomb Group of the US 8th Air Force were stationed there.  Their B-24 Liberators played a significant role in softening up the enemy in preparation for ‘D’ Day in June ‘44. This 70 minute film is the story of those war years and what happened to ‘Old Buck’ after the war right through to the present day.  Truly an airfield with a charmed life. DVD available May 2015.  Available as a Region 2 PAL version for UK, EU and Middle East or as Region 1 NTSC version for the USA & South America.  

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