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Aircraft Brokerage

We no longer offer aircraft for sale as brokers.  However, we still value aircraft so please use any of the forms below to provide information to enable us to accurately value your aircraft.

Aircraft Appraisal Form - Single Engine. You may find it useful in appraising your aircraft.

Aircraft Appraisal Form - Twin Engine.  You may find it useful in appraising your aircraft.

Aircraft Valuation form - an alternative to the online form on the Valuation Page of this site.

Aircraft Condition Scale document - guidance to the exterior & interior condition of your aircraft.

Aircraft Valuation

An accurate valuation is an integral part of of our brokerage service and is a no-charge part of the package.  We also offer a stand-alone valuation service at modest cost.

This covers single engine and twin engine piston aircraft that are found in the GA fleet.   The cost of a single engine aircraft valuation is £100 and for a twin £130.  No VAT applies to these costs.

To request an aircraft valuation please select the Valuation Page link below.

Go to Valuation Page HERE          

Downloadable PDF Valuation Form (an alternative to online form on valuation page).

Note that valuations must be pre-paid by PayPal.  Call UK 01953 456656 to discuss or use these links to pay now by the Paypal links on the Valuation Page

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