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To man an Air Ground Communication Service (AGCS) or to work as a Radio Operator or Flight Information Officer (FISO or AFISO), you will need to hold a Radio Operator’s Certificate of Competence (ROCC).  

This involves a thorough knowledge of the CAA Radiotelephony Manual (CAP413) including radio technique, terminology, phraseology and phonetics, airspace, pre-flight calls, departures and arrivals, in the circuit, flight planning and clearances, emergency management & coordination with the emergency services.  Sounds daunting? Not really. If you are a pilot you will know much of it already.  

Alan McNeal at AirBASE is a CAA Approved Air Ground Radio Examiner who can train and test candidates for the ROCC.  Most people who attempt the ROCC find it a stimulating and rewarding experience that enhances their enjoyment of aviation.

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Contact us by email (use the contact form on the Contact page) to discuss, or call us on UK 01953 456 656 or UK mobile 07770 883 216.


Training is charged at £25.00 per hour and £65 for tests, including the time and costs of submission to the CAA.  Talk to us about training in groups as we offer packages and discounts.  

The CAA charges £35 to issue an ROCC.  This is paid direct to them, but we can forward the payment on your behalf with the ROCC Application.

Fees are payable on the day of training or tests and can be settled in cash, by cheque or by PayPal on this website.  Follow this link to pay by PayPal and enter the cost figure as agreed with AirBASE.

ROCC training/tests payment

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