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The purpose of the examinations is to show that applicants for the ROCC can demonstrate their knowledge of standard phraseology and procedures relevant to the operation of an Air Ground Communication Service radio station operator.

There is no specific syllabus for the ROCC so you need to study those parts of the CAA Radio Telephony Manual** (CAP413) that cover Air Ground & FISO operations.  The Radio Station Operators Manual (CAP452) is also recommended reading.

**Call or Email us for a list of the main topics in CAP413 to focus on for the ROCC Exams.

The Radio Operators Certificate of Competence (ROCC) test

What does the ROCC Test involve?

The Exam comes in two parts; a Written test and a Practical test.

The Written test has 25 questions which require written answers (not multiple choice). Time allowed one hour.  Pass mark is 75%.

The practical test is a simulation of operations at a typical airfield, covering all the scenarios a radio operator is likely to encounter, including initial radio calls, departures and arrivals, circuit traffic, passing traffic, ground operations and emergencies.  The candidate assumes the role of radio operator, the examiner is everyone else.  There is no time limit on this test, but it normally takes 30-40 minutes.

If the candidate is successful, the Examiner recommends that the CAA issues an ROCC.

If this all sounds a bit daunting - yes you do need to know your stuff, but it is also stimulating and most candidates find it enjoyable, because we try to make it that way and we have very few failures!

Fees and Costs

AirBASE is the business name of Alan McNeal, PPL, AFISO, ROCC Examiner (CAA Approved)
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