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To man an Air Ground Communication Service (AGCS) or work as a Flight Information Officer (FISO or AFISO), you will need to hold a Radio Operator’s Certificate of Competence (ROCC).  

This requires a thorough knowledge of the relevant sections of the CAA Radiotelephony Manual (CAP413) including:

Sounds daunting? Not really. If you are a pilot you will know much of it already.  If you are new to it all, study of the relevant sections of the CAA Radiotelephony Manual CAP413, a familiarity with CAP 452, the CAA Airfield Radio Station Operators guide, plus guidance from AirBASE and some classroom time will bring you up to test standard.   We will guide you on what you need to do, depending on your knowledge.

Most people find the experience stimulating and rewarding because we make it that way by encouraging a lot of interaction between tutor and students.

Alan McNeal at AirBASE is a CAA Approved Air/Ground Radio Examiner with long experience as a pilot, an air/ground radio operator both in AGCS units and as a Airfield Flight Information Officer (AFISO), so is well qualified to pass on his knowledge to prospective radio operators.

AirBASE has successfully trained and examined ROCC students from complete beginners, private and commercial pilots, air traffic controllers who need an ROCC for small airfields and even some senior airport management.

We train and examine individuals on a one-to-one basis and small groups in an classroom seminar style, with a comprehensive interactive PowerPoint presentation that covers all you need to know for the ROCC tests, which we invigilate at the end of the training programme.  For details on the tests and fees, go HERE.  For pre-arranged ROCC training courses for 2019 in your area go HERE.

To download PDF details of the training and ROCC exams go HERE  

To assess what you as an individual need to do, call us for a chat.  We also have guidance documents on the ROCC and the topics you need to cover for that we can provide.

  • Operational procedures
  • Radio techniques
  • R/T terminology
  • Phraseology, phonetics & numbers
  • Airspace & CTZ
  • Pre-flight calls
  • Departures and arrival calls
  • Circuit calls
  • Transiting traffic calls
  • Flight planning and clearances
  • Emergencies initial response
  • Coordination with the emergency services.


OK, What’s involved?

AirBASE is the business name of Alan McNeal, PPL, AFISO, ROCC Examiner (CAA Approved)
Based in the East of England and operating all over the UK   +44(0)1379 677672   +44(0)7770 883216