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Aircraft Valuation
We have many years experience in valuation of GA aircraft.  We know the marketplace.  We have first hand experience of many types of single & twin engine aircraft.  We know how to allow for exterior and interior condition, avionics and equipment, airframe and engine hours and calendar life and how all these affect the market value of an aircraft.  Call us for an outline of what is involved to get your aircraft appraised and valued.

The cost of a single engine aircraft valuation can be as low as £100* and for a twin £130*.  No VAT applies to these costs.  *Conditions apply - see Valuation Page below.  To request an aircraft valuation please select the Valuation Page link below.

Go to the AirBASE Valuation Page with online form HERE       

Downloadable PDF Valuation Form (an alternative to online form on valuation page).

Note that valuations must be pre-paid by PayPal after the valuation is prepared.  


Aircraft Appraisal Form - Single Engine. You may find it useful in appraising your aircraft.

Aircraft Appraisal Form - Twin Engine.  You may find it useful in appraising your aircraft.

Aircraft Valuation form - an alternative to the online form on the Valuation Page of this site.

Aircraft Condition Scale document - guidance to the exterior & interior condition of your aircraft.

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